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This image is one in a series, showing the destruction and deforestation in that is going on behind my home here in rural Florida. What use to be beautiful hammock/forest/woodlands here in rural Florida has been bought by a major housing company and it is now being completely cleared. The county is allowing this to happen because the land is currently zoned as Agricultural. They are working night and day as well as seven days a week. More than 1000 acres are being cleared at this time, with more planned as the property is obtained. Without a thought about what the land used to be, gated communities will be built with manicured lawns, golf courses, tennis courts, pools and community centers. This destruction and deforestation is on such a massive scale and no one really seems to care. The wildlife being displaced is unbelievable and the history of this land will be forgotten. The land use to belong to my Great Grandfather who was a pioneer in early Florida and a Florida Cracker……..My heart is breaking for this once beautiful land.

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